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Physiologically, Jupiter rules the liver, the arteries and the circulation, especially the arteries of the abdomen and the legs, the enrichment of the blood through food intake, the fibrin in the blood (with Mars and the sign of Pisces), the subcutaneous fatty tissues, the suprarenal capsules, food intake and assimilation, the spleen and the kidneys, the body's powers of resistance, the carbohydrates, the supply of oxygen to the blood, the formation and reproduction of cells, the conservation of energy, the digestive organs, the feet, the sex organs and their veins, the thighs and the buttocks, the lungs, the ribs, the right ear, the sanguine temperament, the semen, the body's sugar economy, the maintenance of the tissues, and the teeth. Jupiter's influence on the occipital lobe of the hypophysis (pituitary body) regulates the fluid circulation and the growth of the body.

Jupiter has its image as the king of the gods, the religious teacher (its Indian name is Guru), the father, the benefactor disbursing riches, but also as the bon vivant very much out for his own desires and gratifications.

Jovian diseases are all diseases due to immoderation in eating and drinking, bad digestion, too much congestion, impure blood. By itself, Jupiter does not cause any sicknesses, except diseases of the blood, the lungs, the liver, and indirectly also of the heart, caused by bad aspects with other planets. A badly aspected Jupiter also promotes strokes, abscesses, convulsions, as well as cancerous processes in certain cases on account of its hyperexpansivity.

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