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Under Mercury come the intellect, mediation, transmission, and translation, mental and nervous processes, speech and writing, dexterity, ambivalence, and the distribution of energies.

The planet rules the nervous system (with Uranus), the ears, hearing, the tongue, speech, the vocal organs; especially the nerves of the arms, the abdomen, the cerebrospinal nerves of the brain (with the Moon), the bronchia, respiration, coordination between body and mind, reason, the feet, the nerves of the sex and urinary organs, the thyroid, the hands, the legs, and the heart, the optical nerve, the invisible "nerve fluids," the motor nerves, the larynx, the lungs, the mental abilities (with the Moon, Uranus, and Neptune), and the spinal cord. The Sun-like cerebrum and the Moon-like cerebellum are linked by the Mercurial pons.

Mercury has its image as the messenger of the gods, the healer, and mediator, but also as the planetary genius of magic and trickery. Its symbols are the winged sandals and the caduceus.

The diseases associated with Mercury are mainly disturbances that are in each case connected with the organs ruled by the zodiacal signs in which the planet is at the time. As the planet is capable of changing, the kind of disturbance greatly depends on the other planets with which Mercury is connected.

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