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The Moon influences growth, fertility, conception, the subconscious, the feelings, rhythms, instincts, reflection, passivity, motherliness, family, and heritage.

Subiect to the Moon are the stomach and the esophagus, the breasts, the womb and the ovaries, menstruation, the body fluids e., the blood serum), the urinary bladder, the cerebellum, the pancreas,

and the memory.

The Moon is related to the eyes (to the left eye of man and the right eye of woman), the brain, saliva, glandular secretion, sensuality, the thyroid gland (with Mercury and the sign of Scorpio), the tonsils (with the sign of Taurus), the lachrymal mechanism, and the transformation of fluids.

The Moon's image is feminine, changeable, motherly, familiar. Bright and dark traits are mixed, on the one hand benevolence and motherli-ness, on the other wildness and raw instincts. The Moon has a dark side.

Diseases associated with the Moon are periodically recurring ill-nesses, irregular menses, as well as diseases of the lunar organs. At the Full Moon epileptics, somnambulists, and hysterical or nervous persons are influenced unfavorably.

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