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Dates: January 20 – February 18


BODY PARTS AFFECTED Cartilage, mucus cells, glands and, kidneys.


FUNCTION Water distribution, nutrition and glandular activity, cell division, growth and aids the digestion process.


DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Weakness bordering on collapse if the deficiency is severe enough. Headaches with constipation. Runny stools, thin and watery blood, heartburn, toothache, hay fever, constant sore throats with a nose that is running clear liquid, abnormal appetite with thirst, sense of coldness, low blood pressure that is alleviated by adequate intakes of salt and wate, excessive perspiration with exertion, inability to digest meats, pale and waxy looking complexion, and neuralgic pains.


MENTAL DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Low spirits, feeling of despair about the future, dwelling on depressing subjects or events, continually bringing up the past and dwelling on it, feeling like a good cry for no reason but consolation from others aggravates and annoys, angry irritability with passionate outbursts, excessively excited and fast moving, mental exhaustion—mental exertion causes fatigue. 


COMMENTS Natrum muriaticum is the Latin name for salt and is vital for the proper functioning of our bodies. The body will go to extreme lengths to protect its reserves of salt since depletion results in serious dysfunction of organs and systems and can result in death. Sodium (Nat mur) is used by the body to produce the hydrochloric acid needed for digestion. The relationship between sodium and potassium creates an osmotic tension that maintains the integrity of cells and the flow of nutrients into and out of the cells. Much of our caloric intake is used to run this mechanism. If the mechanism is not working properly we gain what is known as “water weight” and we utilize fewer calories each day. The result is unwanted weight gain and feeling miserable all over. Salt regulates the amount of moisture in the body. Depending on the availability of salt, the tissues of the body will have too much water (edema) or too little water. Too little water results in the non-conduction of necessary electrical impulses to the heart and brain as well as many other serious conditions. Salt is also necessary for the uptake of calcium. It is possible to have adequate amounts of salt in the diet and still be deficient due to assimilation issues. A few doses of the cell salt, Nat mur, can aid the body in breaking down and utilizing salt. There are a great many drugs which create disturbances in the sodium levels of the body!


FOOD SOURCES Sea salt, red beets, lentils, radishes, tomatoes, dairy products, celery and celery seeds.


PRECURSORS/FOLLOW-UPS Nat Mur -> Kali sulph, Nat sulph -> Calc phos, Kali mur

Aquarius - Nat Mur Cell Salts

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