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Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is a well-known plant popularized by its connection to ancient Egypt. Which was used by them in ritual practices with the combination of wine to bring about the blue lotus's aphrodisiac effects. It also brings with it slight psychoactive properties that induce a light euphoric feeling.


The lotus is said to have sprouted from the primal waters of creation. Not only does this flower awakens the intuition and heightens awareness but connects us to the very essence of creation. And with that connection, the ecstasy of this awareness.


Blue lotus has also gained a reputation as the "Lucid dreaming herb." Assisting those who are fond of traversing the realms of dreams. By relaxing the nervous system just enough to approach those gates all the while holding fast one's own awareness of the inner reality.


From my own personal experience, each time I take my doses(daily) it does shift my consciousness into that complete state of awareness. Noticing the very minute thoughts and actions that goes own within myself and my surrounding. If you're aware of the practice of lucid dreaming, then you know this awareness of the waking reality can in fact transfer over to awareness of the fact that, "I am dreaming." For the two are not separate.


Blue Lotus Ens

    • Sleep Aid
    • May assist Lucid Dreaming
    • Calms the nervous system
    • Assist in relieving stress, anxiety and depression
    • Gentle euphoric feeling
    • Awaken intuition
    • Heighten awarness
    • May work as an aphrodisiac
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