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Dates: June 21 - July 22


BODY PARTS AFFECTED Bones, periosteum (covering of the bones), elastic fiber of muscle and connective tissues, veins, arteries, tooth enamel and joints.


FUNCTION Maintains the elasticity and contractive power of muscles, arteries, and veins. Vital to the ability of the periosteum to cling to the bones. Helps maintain connective tissue integrity.


DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Cracks in the skin, loss of elasticity in muscles and tissues, relaxed condition of veins and arteries (leading to hemorrhoids, varicose veins and aneurysm), sluggish circulation, loose teeth, spinal injuries, hard lymph nodes in the neck, ganglion cysts, bones spurs, fibrocystic breast disease, cracks and fissures in the hands, depression, ringing in the ears and conjunctivitis.


MENTAL DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Great depression, indecision and fears about money.


COMMENTS Nat phos is always needed in order to absorb Calc fluor. Kali mur is also recommended to be taken along with, or just before, Nat phos.


FOOD SOURCES alfalfa, kelp, eggs, whole grains, raw green vegetables, beets, fish, apples, mushrooms, apples


PRECURSORS/FOLLOW-UPS Kali mur, Nat phos, Calc sulph -> Calc fluor -> Kali sulph

Cancer - Calc Fluor Cell Salts

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