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Dates: February 19 – March 20


BODY PARTS AFFECTED Red blood cells, muscles, nerves, hair, eyes— retina, irritation and inflammation., blood vessels and arteries.


FUNCTION First-aid, oxygen carrier, supplementary remedy.


DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Anemia with accompanying symptoms of fatigue and the need for abnormal amounts of sleep. Dizziness, rapid heart beat, shortness of breath and headache with slight amounts of exertion, difficulty concentrating, leg cramps, insomnia, craving for unusual foods and cracks at the corners of the mouth. Lack of red blood corpuscles. Nose bleeds, inflammatory pain, high fever, quickened pulse, conjunctivitis., varicose veins, constipation as intestinal walls become too relaxed.


MENTAL DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Indifference to the details of daily life, loss of hope and courage, small things seem like huge difficulties and create extreme annoyance, delirium, maniacal mood swings, dizziness as a consequence of anger, inability to find the right word.


COMMENTS Redness in the face or ears, with or without a fever, is an indication of iron deficiency. Sufficient iron in the blood is necessary to keep a beneficial fever from burning too hot and a high fever burns up iron in the blood very rapidly, making matters worse still. It is essential during periods of prolonged fever that iron levels remain up. Since vitamin C is required for the utilization of iron from food sources, the folk remedies which include rose hips and other high vitamin C herbs are very much based on scientific principles. The giving of Ferrum phos cell salts at the beginning of a fever is advised.


FOOD SOURCES Green leafy vegetables, green vegetables in general (good sources of the calcium and Vitamin C that is necessary for the absorption of iron), onions, grapes, apricots, nuts, rice, and other whole grains, sesame and other oil seeds, tomatoes, oats, red and blue berries, blackstrap molasses, brewer’s yeast, eggs, and meat sources including liver. The bio-availabltiy of iron from plant sources is lower than that from meat sources due to the presence of phytates and oxalates in some raw vegetables. Phytates and oxalates can interfere with iron absorption. Steaming the vegetables eliminates, to a great extent, the presence of oxalic acid and the addition of even a small amount of meat to the diet increases the absorbability of the iron from plant sources. The reverse is also true; the calcium present in vegetables and herbs is necessary for the absorption of iron from animal sources. It should be noted, however, that vegetables are the most important sources of iron in the diets of the majority of people in India. There is, even in the poorest of areas, the addition of small amounts of meat.


PRECURSORS/FOLLOW-UPS Kali mur -> Ferrum phos -> Kali sulph

Other possible companion cell salts when needing to uptake iron by using Ferrum phos include Calc phos, Nat phos, and Nat mur.

Pisces - Ferr Phos Cell Salts

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