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If you find the self having difficulties connecting with and understanding your emotions, this Venusian plant will assist you on that journey. 


Sharing my own experience with the plnat:

After its completion, i decided to take a few drops to test the waters. To say the least, it gave me a run for my money! Immediate tears and laugher came from me as I felt this warmth build up within me. Memories of past love, pain, and trauma all came to be in one fell swoop. Since then, I have been taking it weekly and have never felt so vulnerable and aware of my emotions as I have before.


Be gentle with yourself as you experience the subtle yet profound effects of this medicine. You will experience exactly what you've been holding in. Releasing all the emotional tension so that the love of that great Mother can fill you. Emotions will become heighten so be cautious of when you take it, who you're around and your current state. It's best to take this when you have time to sit and really process what it  is you're being shown.

Rose Spagyric Essence

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  • Planet: Venus

    Day: Friday

    Organ: Kidneys, Heart, Circulatory System

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