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Dates April 20 - May 20


BODY PARTS AFFECTED Liver, liquids inside the cells,and digestive system.


FUNCTION Eliminates excess water. Ensures adequate bile. Removes poison-charged fluids from the interior of cells, treats rheumatic ailments.


DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Influenza, asthma, malaria, liver ailments, brownish-green coating of the tongue, bitter taste in the mouth, urinary incontinence, bed wetting, water retention, type 2 diabetes, parasites, tendency to excessive bleeding, post-partum hemorrhage (use with Calc phos here).


MENTAL DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Poor short term memory, stumbling over words, inability to recall the word wanted.


LIVER:Toxic Liver, liver problems, acute and chronic Hepatitis, and bile flow problems in the liver and gallbladder. Someone who has never been well since Hepatitis. Diarrhea in the morning after getting up.


ASTHMA:  Asthma which worsens with dampness; awakening at night with asthma attacks. Asthma in children. Yellow-green sinusitis. Must hold chest when coughing.


HEADACHE:A good remedy for headaches...headache from sunlight, headache after head injury (after swelling is gone).


EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS:Feelings of confusion, feelings of periodic sadness, feelings of heaviness and irritability.


DAMPNESS:People who need Nat sulph are vulnerable to cold, damp weather, or to humidity and then they fall sick with a cough or a cold. They can’t stand the dampness. They feel every change from dry to wet weather. Always feels best in warm, dry air.


COMMENTS Nat sulph, both as a cell salt and as a homeopathic in deeper potency, is a leading remedy for head injuries because of its ability to remove waste materials, damaged cells, and regulate to fluid levels. One indication of the need for this remedy is drowsiness after the head injury or dizziness even weeks after the injury occurred. Like Kali sulph, Nat sulph is rapidly depleted during viral illnesses. Attention should be paid to a possible deficiency and Nat sulph, in cell salt form, should be considered.


FOOD SOURCES lentils, spinach, oats, garlic, parsley, celery, dandelion, chillies, horseradish, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, onions, red beets, pumpkin, green peppers, cucumber, bananas, apples


PRECURSORS/FOLLOW-UPS Calc phos, Kali mur -> Nat sulph -> Kali phos, Silica


Taurus -Nat Sulph Cell Salts

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