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Date: August 22 to September 23


BODY PARTS AFFECTED Skin(Helpful for treating psoriasis and eczema.), mucus membranes, intestines, hair, stomach, and tissue cells.


FUNCTION Oxygen carrier, maintains hair, benefits perspiration and respiration.


DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Intestinal disorders. Stomach catarrh. Inflammatory conditions. Eruptions on the skin and scalp with scaling. Shifting pains.


MENTAL DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Feelings of being boxed in physically or emotionally. Extreme irritability, always being in a hurry but unable to get everything that is wanted done, anxiety in the evening, timid in crowds, any mental exertion aggravates all symptoms.


COMMENTS Viral infections, colds, and flus deplete Kali sulph. This deficiency must be corrected in order for the patient to fully recover. Never-the same-since (NSS) symptoms from any cause usually indicate aKali sulph deficiency.


FOOD SOURCES Almonds, spinach, peas, nuts, parsley, flaxseed, watercress, cottage cheese, green leafy vegetables, apples.


PRECURSORS/FOLLOW-UPS Calc fluor -> Kali sulph -> Nat mur, Kali mur


The body may also need a round of Kali mur before Kali sulph if the discharges are whitish in color. Whitish discharges are often found in the very beginning stages of an illness. Kali mur administered at this point can be very effective in lessening the severity of the illness or even stopping it altogether. If the infection is persistent, Calc sulph should be administered. The oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells is a function of Ferrum phos but once the oxygen has been delivered by the blood, Kali sulph is responsible for moving it into the interior of the cell body. Kali sulph completes the work begun by Kali mur.

Virgo - Kali Sulph Cell Salts

    • Potassium Sulphate
    • Distilled Water
    • Cane Alcohol
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