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The essence of the wasp calls us to consider a few things:


What are you building?

What are you using to build that thing?

What is the quality of the materials?

Are you intentional in your construction? 


As a symbol, the wasp brings forth:

  • orderliness
  • protectiveness
  • creation
  • community
  • spring/new life
  • fertillity 


When we find ourselves at a point in our lives where we know not how to direct our energy or even as to what we shall contruct for ouselves, deleving into this medicine will assist us in organizing ourselves in a way that allows life to spring forth from a place once barren. And as we begin to reconstruct ourselves, we start to shift into a space that allows us to stand firm, asserting and protecting the vision or idea we fester within ourselves. What emotions have you felt when you approached a wasp's nest or even a swarm of wasp? Like most you may have felt a type of anxiety or fear. How can such a small creature cause a being larger than it to tremble? Can you allow yourself to harness that strength? To harness that commanding presence so that all who wish to destroy or disturb the natural progression of the spirit to think twice, else they get stung!


Sitting with this medicine may enhance a sense of community, allowing one to find that "swarm" they can assimulate into. One that speeds the progression of the spirit and soul. One that adds pure materials to the construction of the temple rather than poisoning it with the impure. Who do you surround yourself with? Are you able to recognize a friend or a threat? And even so, how do you youurself add to others? As wasp are one of the pollinators of the earth. Taking the pollen of one plant and delivering it to another so that life may continue. So not only are we sorting out those we allow into our nest but also our role in the greater scheme and unfoldment of the universe. For no man is an island of himself.


These are but small takes on what the wasp spirit has to offer us. Just observe them in nature. Meditate upon them as you submerge yourself into the alchemically prepared medicine. 


Mugwort was used in conjuction with the wasp spirit so expect to see wasps visit you in your dreams!

Wasp Spagyric

    • Adult Wasp
    • Larvae
    • Nest
    • Plant Salts
    • Mugwort Spirit
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