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Saturn rules over age and all slow and chronic processes. Physiologically, it dominates all aging processes, the bone structure, the teeth, the spine (with the Sun, Neptune, and the sign of Leo), all hardening processes, the anterior lobe of the pituitary body (which restricts the processes of growth and glandular secretion), crystallization processes, the auditory organs, the left auricle (if Saturn is in Leo), the endocardium, sterility, the bladder, the composition of the blood (with the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and the signs of Leo and Aquarius), blood circulation in the tissues, the joints, the calves, the cervical vertebrae (Saturn in Taurus), absorption and assimilation of intestinal fluids, the vagus nerve, minerals in the blood, the gall (with Mars, Mercury, the Moon, and the signs of Leo and Scorpio), the knees, memory, the spleen (with the Sun and the signs of Scorpio and Virgo) and their defensive regulation (diathesis), as well as all contracting processes.

Diseases associated with Saturn are rheumatism, hardenings, calcification, melancholy and depression, chronic diseases, lethargy, frigidity, eccentricity, crankiness, and diseases of the Saturnine organs.

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