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Spagyric Tinctures

What is it? How does it work?

Spagyric, or spagyria, is a method developed by Paracelsus and his followers which was thought to improve the efficacy of existing medicines by separating them into their primordial elements (the tria prima: Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt) and then again recombining them. Paracelsian physicians held that through this method the medically beneficial ingredients of a compound (the purified tria prima) were separated from the harmful and toxic ones, turning even some poisons into medicines

     In the word spagyria two Greek words are hidden: spao, to draw out, to divide; ageiro, to gather, to bind, to join. These two concepts form the foundation of every genuine alchemical work, hence the often quoted phrase "Solve et coagula, et habebis magisterium!" (Dissolve and bind, and you will have the magistery!)

     By taking the plant through this initiation, we allow for it, in its new body, to bring to ourselves a more holistic healing. Restoring equilibrium not only to the mind and soul, which a basic tincture would do, but to the mind(Mercury), body(Salt), and soul(Sulfur). Allowing the entire being to make known the hidden and to reestablish awareness of how the psychological, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies all correspond and affect one another. 

     The more and more we take this highly developed medicine, over time it will make right the wrongs, or rather, as the alchemists say, "turn lead to gold." 

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